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Nursing Masters Degree Top 25 Products and Services

Nursing Masters Degree Top 25 Programs

A diverse assortment of Nursing Masters Degree Programs at varying universities is available to the current Registered Nurse who may be considering the advancement of his/her career options. Each educational facility selects the nursing graduate program(s) that will be made available to the prospective student. Twenty-five of the top-rated graduate schools are listed below. Criteria used to rate these educational facilities includes data received from university deans, program directors, prospective employers, and job availability:

1 – University of Washington, Washington State has eleven (11) Master’s Program with fields of study in Community Health, Forensic Specialist, Clinical, Practitioner and Midwifery. Campus and distance learning options offered.

2 – University of California – San Francisco offers fifteen (15) areas of specialization that include Cardiovascular, Community Health, Critical Care, Leadership and Psychiatric/Mental Health. Campus and distance curricula options offered.

3 – University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia offers twelve (12) Nurse Practitioner Programs, two (2) Administration Programs and four (4) ‘Unique Opportunities’ which include Anesthesia and Midwifery. Penn State offers thirteen (13) Minor options and the opportunity to obtain a second degree from another field during the nursing education process.

4 – Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore offers eight (8) areas of program concentration that include Nurse Specialist, Health Systems Management, Public Health and Nurse Practitioner; concurrent educational opportunities include MSN/MBA and MSN-PhD. Full-time and part-time study curricula are available.

5 – University of Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, Michigan offers six (6) Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs (includes Gerontological, Occupational Health and Acute Care Clinical), eight (8) Nurse Practitioner Programs (includes Acute, Family, and Pediatric), a Midwifery Program and Nursing Business and Health Systems Program. Campus and distance learning options are offered.

6 – University of North Caroline – Chapel Hill, NC offers six (6) general areas of specialization (includes Children’s Health, Women’s Health, Health Care Systems and Adult Nurse Practitioner) with multiple sub-specialty categories (i.e. Informatics, Outcome Management). Both full-time and part-time programs are available.

7 – Oregon Health and Science University – Portland offers seven (7) broad areas of specialization (includes Anesthesia, Education, Mental Health); 100% of students who graduated from their Nurse Anesthetists Program passed the National Certification Exam.

8 – University of Illinois – Chicago offers two (2) master’s level program specialty options, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist which provide a combined twenty (20) Program choices (includes Community Health, Administrative Studies, School, Pediatric, Mental Health). In addition, this University offers multiple program options for individuals who have: a high school diploma, current diploma RN, BSN, non-nursing master’s and current master’s in nursing.

9 - University of Maryland – Baltimore offers thirteen (13) specialty areas (includes Pediatric, Clinical Research, Health Services, Informatics) with multiple program options (includes Oncology, Education, Executive Practice. This University also provides MS/MBA and MS/JD dual degree options.

10 - University of Pittsburgh – Main Campus offers four (4) broad Master’s Program Majors: Nurse Specialty (includes Administration, Clinical Leader, Education, Informatics and Research), Clinical, Anesthesia and Nurse Practitioner; and five (5) Minor Programs (includes Genetics). University of Pittsburgh offers a complete on-line Clinical Nurse Leader Master’s Program.

11 - Yale University – New Haven, CT offers six (6) Master’s specialties (includes Adult, Psychiatric, Pediatric, Management) and also provides a Diabetes Care Concentration option for study in the final program year. Full-time study only.

12 – University of California – Los Angeles offers eight (8) specialty areas (includes Administration, Oncology, Pediatric, Occupational and Environmental Health); an option for dual Clinical Nurse and Nurse Practitioner is available; subspecialties include: neuropsychiatry and underserved populations.

13 – University of Iowa – Iowa City offers three (3) general curriculum options: Administrative/Clinical/Education, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and a Dual Degree option MSN/MPH. Subspecialties include Genetics and Occupational Health.

14 – Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland offers six (6) Nurse Practitioner Majors (includes Acute Care, Pediatric, Neonatal, Women’s Health) with eight (8) subspecialties (includes Infection Control, Cardiovascular, Flight Nursing); other majors include Anesthesia, Midwifery, Public Health. Case Western further provides blended majors (example: Family Nurse Practitioner/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner) and joint degrees (example: MSN/MBA, MSN/Anthropology).

15 - Duke University – Durham, North Carolina offers four (4) general areas of specialization (Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Non-Clinical and Anesthesia) with eighteen (18) subspecialties (includes Research, Leadership, Neonatal, Gerontology). Duke offers an on-line track with limited on-campus time.

16 – Indiana University – Purdue – Indianapolis offers two (2) areas of interest: Adult Nurse Practitioner and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Distance learning is incorporated into the education process. Post Master’s Certificate is offered in the two (2) areas of interest as well as the field of Oncology.

17 - University of Colorado – Denver and Health Sciences Center – Denver offers two (2) areas of study: Education and Family Nurse Practitioner; a Certificate in Nursing Education is available. Utilizes on-line format.

18 – Columbia University – New York offers ten (10) programs (includes Acute, Anesthesia, Midwifery, Psychiatric, Women’s Health) with sub-specialties in Addictive Behaviors, Genetics, Oncology and Palliative Care. Columbia offers a combined BS/MS program for students who have a non-nursing college degree.

19 – Rush University – Chicago offers two (2) programs of study: Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Specialist with sub-specialization options that include Critical Care, Anesthesia and Gerontology. Online Programs are available and include: Clinical Leadership, Neonatal, Psychiatric, and Public Health.

20 – University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston offers nine (9) programs (includes Adult, Anesthesia, Leadership, Pediatric) with clinical concentrations in Clinical Nursing, Nurse Practitioner and Education. The University of Texas collaborates with the School of Public Health to provide a Master’s of Public Health graduate degree option.

21 – University of Texas – Austin offers eleven (11) areas of concentration (includes Holistic, Public Health, Administration and Pediatric). The University provides a Master’s Bridge Program for Registered Nurses who have a college degree but not a BSN. Students must be enrolled full-time at the beginning of the program, but may able to reduce enrollment to part-time as outline in school policy.

22 – University of Virginia – Charlottesville offers nine (9) programs (includes Public Health, Pediatric, Clinical Nurse and Psychiatric) with a Direct Entry option for those without an undergraduate nursing degree. The University also provides a MSN/MBA joint degree option and eight (8) Certificate Program
(includes Wound Care, Health systems, and Acute Care).

23 – University of Wisconsin – Madison offers three (3) programs (Clinical, Nurse Practitioner and Educator) with five (5) clinical areas of study: Adult, Gerontology, Pediatrics, Psychiatric/Mental Health, and Women’s Health. The University also offers course work in case management (course and practicum). A MS/MPH dual degree option is provided.

24 – Vanderbilt University – Nashville offers eighteen (18) Practice Specialties (includes Pediatric, Women’s Health, Palliative Care, Forensic and Emergency). Dual degrees in nursing and theology are offered. Multiple course formats are available and include weekend and distance learning options.

25 – Boston College – Chestnut Hill offers eight (8) areas of specialization (includes Adult, Women’s Health, Psychiatric/Mental Health and Community Health). Programs are full-time during the first year of study.

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